OK, jag var väl aldrig en krigsnörd som skribenten i dessa artiklar. Fast jag hade nog ganska god koll på flygplansmodeller av alla slag som pre-tonåring. Kanke något av en flygplansnörd.

Förutom att skriva om det värsta vapnet USA kämpar emot i Irak finns det en hel del halvroliga kommentarer. Som t.ex.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the hardware as much as anybody. I used to spend every free hour, back before there was an internet, going over those big heavy reference books in the library: Jane’s Tanks, Jane’s Missile Systems, Jane’s Combat Vehicles. I had those things memorized. Seriously, you could open any of Jane’s handbooks at random, read me the name of a weapons system, and I’d recite its stats from memory–Norwegian anti-ship missiles, South African APCs, you name it.

But eventually I had to face the facts: most of those weapons are never going to get used. If you look at all the real wars going on right now, you come across the same two weapons, over and over: the AK-47 and the RPG-7–both Russian designs, and both older than your Dad.

Artiklarna är dessa “Most Valuable Weapon: the RPG” och “RPG vs. M1“.