HTV part 3: and suddenly…

It’s back! The connection is up again. I’m online! This is actually what I thought would happen. Everything went the same way as the last time: connection down, call support, get no info, wait a while, connection up again. According to HTV the problem begun at 16.15 and ended at 18.00. I called the support a bit before 18 and they didn’t know what was wrong. They had no idea. How annoying. How very annoying for me, and probably quite annoying to the support too.

I wonder if the propellerheads at HTV see a pattern here? Welho Pro, in my district, seems to be down a couple of times per month (actually a bit more often than that, but HTV obviously chooses not to tell about every hickup in their systems). Helloo!! Time to fix the… whatever it is, that breaks down every once in a while! On the other hand, if their internal information flow is as non-functional as it seems, maybe they don’t understand that they have recurring problems. Dysfunctional short term memory perhaps?