Short, yet fabulous

Your native British totem animal is:

Dragonfly – The dragonfly’s reign is short, yet it is fabulous. He doesn’t have time to worry – he is too busy with his regal comings and goings and the general business of enjoying life.

The dragonfly has probably come into your life to show you that you are being overly cautious, and to help you loosen up. He will encourage you to spend time in green places such as woods, and to tend plants yourself. This will serve to free your energies up to merge more blissfully with the world.

Crow City Totem Generator (via)


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  1. Hehe. Tror ju på horoskop också!
    Your native British totem animal is:
    Weasel – No one tells the weasel what to do. He finds a way around any problems he comes up against, courtesy of his famed slipperiness and cunning. He can help you find new ways to deal with difficult situations.
    But sometimes the only way out is to stand and fight, and then the weasel can show you the secret of his deep and fearless courage.

    Tycker det låter som jag! :)

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