The wettest place on Earth

I am the Alakai Swamp on Mount Wai'ale'ale!

You are the Alaki swamp on Mount Wai’ale’ale, Hawaii
A stupendously rainy volcanic crater, you hold the dubious honour of being the wettest place on Earth, which may surprise some Scots. You receive 486 inches of precipitation a year, or forty and a half feet – the height of 6.89 typical Belgians. For comparison, that’s over ten times the rainfall of New York, twelve times that of Glasgow and five hundred times that of Timbuktu. If you took a cube of water a third of a mile along each edge, you would then have how much water falls on the mountain every year. You would also have a fine spot to keep whales and shrimp, assuming, of course, as you would have this water in a suitable place from which to drop it mericlessly on a soggy yet unsuspecting part of Kauai, that they were flying whales. And shrimp.

Which Extremity of the World Are You?
From the towering colossi at Rum and Monkey.



  1. Meitsi oli Niili:

    At 4145 miles from your furthest extremity to the Mediterranean Sea, you outdo the Amazon to become the world’s longest river. The piranhas hate you.

    Beneath you lies an underground river with six times your volume. You kept this remarkably quiet for several thousand years. In fact, you’re full of mystery; your source wasn’t discovered until 1862. You’re also full of water. And crocodiles. And nuclear pharaoh machines that run on light and can see through time.

  2. Cos we always piss and moan about how rainy it is in Scotland all the time and how we NEVER see any sun. Id like to say that i am glad that Scotland isnt high up or even in the running, but it doesnt change the fact that its pissing down outside right now and probably will be till June where we will get 1 day of partial sun, before the rain starts again… lol

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