From one administration to another

Subject: Nordea International – Account Details Confirmation
Date: January 30, 2006 16.35.49
To: ****************
Return-Path: < >
Sender: User lnpbumnozijt
Dear Online-Banking User,

In continuity with the prescheduled user accounts check we kindly ask you to confirm your account and code table details. Please fill out the Account Check Form accordingly.

The Form contains the following fields: Account Access Details, Account Type, Password Table and Payment Confirmation Codes.

Fill out the Form with duly care and accuracy, as an occasional mistake even in one field might cause freezing of the account until the details of opening and using of the account are checked.

We will guide you through the procedure of filling out of the Form.

[image “Click here to fill out the form” with link to: nsp/ engine// usecase=menu/ command=openmenu/ logon_topnavigation_view& fpid=j4i6SfhpQwL8GbM9nVBVuQCC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx& menuid=214& hash=UC3aDJFC0wl3dJVjYf45UQCC/ ]

IMPORTANT: This check is necessary to ensure proactive and top-notch security level we offer to our clients.

Looking forward to your support and understanding.


Dear Administration,

Thank you very much for this mail. We’re very glad you contacted us about this top-notch security issue you offer to your clients and those of Nordea. And let us congratulate you on hosting the Nordea site on APNIC, this way someone certainly saves a lot on data transfers fees. Unfortunately we’re unable to fill out the form you link to, could you please send us a million dollars instead?

Looking forward to your support and understanding.

Skrubu Administration

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  1. Får du phishing-mail ska du absolut svara på den! Och du ska svara med svar som *ser* korrekt ut men inte är det. Om phiskarna får 999 skitsvar och ett napp på tusendet kanske de slutar med sitt phiskeri.

    Faktum är att det inte borde vara svårt att skriva ett litet skript som ddossar phiskarna med en massa käkä.

  2. Jag var ju nog o kolla på sajten, men fyllde inte i något. Silly me, borde ha gjort det. Kanske jag hinner med ännu :)

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