Phula phiskar

Jasså igen? Denna gång ser det inte ut att finnas Sender-information, men phisk-sajten finns fortfarande på en APNIC server.

Nordea: Var noga med dina nätbankskoder.

Wikipedia: Nätfiske eller Phishing (efter engelskans fishing, ’fiske’; ibland tolkat som ”password harvesting fishing”)

Dear user of On-line Banking,

Due to scheduled checking of accounts please confirm details of your account and code chart. To perform checking you need to fill in a special account check form.

This form contains request for details required to access the account, type of account and details of password table and payment confirmation codes.

Please fill in the form very carefully as a mistake even in one field may result in account blocking till clarification of circumstances of its opening and use. The form contains detailed instructions explaining how to fill in the fields. [link to sitemod/default/portal.aspx/ index.php?email=xxxxxxxxxxxx]

Please note that this checking is performed to achieve maximum security level of
our customers.We hope for your understanding and support.

Best regards,
Nordea Administration.