Flickr lives (but you may have become too lazy to notice it)

I think that people who claim Flickr to be dead or bash the service for not being social enough don’t really get what Flickr is about.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

Ok, I do agree,that Flickr could have a tad (or a lot) better UI for viewing the images, but a UI has never been a hinder for people when they really want something. I mean, if it was up to the UI nobody would’ve used MySpace, ever. Yet it was hugely popular (and is still a good place to find music from bands not featured elsewhere). And yes, the times are different now, and among all new fads, new hangouts, shiny bright UIs and gimmicks Flickr is as it has been for a long while (there has been some changes and upgrades recently which the ones declaring the death of Flickr forget to mention) but change, even though we have been conditioned to believe so, is not an intrinsic value.

Flickr is not about you as a person. It’s not about being social and hang out with whoever publishes images on the web (which is about everybody and their cousins and pets), frankly that’s why there’s sites like Facebook or Google+. If you crave social recognition Flickr isn’t the place for you.

Flickr is all about the photo. The social part is not the main issue, the pictures are, and in that way Flickr is very much still the king. The people publishing images on Flickr are, I think, subordinate to the images. The thing with Flickr, what makes it good, is the joy of finding and discovering pictures. Something that you achieve only by being an active viewer and not just by pushing your own pics out in the wide open internet.

Going through the favorite images of someone who favorited one of your images is a hoot and gives you a broader sense of somebody else’s visual thinking than only looking at the images they themselves publish – and that is nothing a chunk of code can do. In that sense yes, Flickr is old fashioned. It doesn’t just offer you off the shelf recommendations that some programmer or planner who doesn’t know you thinks might interest you. You need to do something yourself! And that makes Flickr a really tough place for social media diluted mental self pollutionists with their fizzy drinks and pizzas (or low carb raw food smoothies) to survive in. You need to have the patience, you know not eat your marshmallows at once.

Compared to Flickr, Facebook and Google+ are like the television while Flickr is like a big photo album that doesn’t open up for the impatient, lazy or the one’s mesmerized by effects and whatnot tech stuff. You got to work for it and follow your own instincts. Be there, be active, do things – all that stuff that Facebook has taken, automated, mashed up and now spoon-feeds us as an endless flow of everything and a bit more.



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