The picture has almost replaced the word as a means of communication” sanoi valokuvaaja Berenice Abbott 1951. Samaa sanotaan yhä. Siis, että kuva on melkein korvannut sanan. Melkein. Melkein yhä vaan. Muttei ihan kuitenkaan. Ihan vielä ainakaan.

A quote about bias

It’s also easy to discover the biases that have been built into speech recognition software. I once left my office for a meeting, locking the door behind me, and came back to find a stranger had broken in and typed a series of poetic sentences into my computer. Who was this person, and what did the message mean? After a few spooky, puzzling minutes, I realized that I had left my speech recognition software running, and the sentences were the guesses it had produced about what the rustling of the trees outside my window meant. But the fact that they were fairly intelligible English sentences reflected the biases of the software, which didn’t even consider the possibility that it was listening to the wind rather than a person.

Bias is Always Bad by Tom Griffiths.

Edge 2014 question: What scientific idea is ready for retirement? From the book This Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress.

The Big Bang

Nyt en muista tehtiinkö me tää leffa ennen Science Fiction in Nickby -elokuvaa vai sen jälkeen (samoihin aikoihin kuitenkin), mutta tähän upposi ihan mieletön määrä käsityötä. Piirtämistä, värittämistä, leikkaamista, animointia… taustat, laaserit, räjähdykset, savut ja monia erikokoisia lentäviä lautasia. Huh. Ja kun kaitafilmirulla tuli kehityksestä, pitkän odotuksen jälkeen, huomasimme miten kaikki oli liian nopeaa. Ja liian pientä.

The Big Bang (1982) from Pekka Nikrus on Vimeo.

Elokuvan juoni englanniksi on seuraavanlainen: On the planet Xero they have a huge solar weapon of some kind (looks like a radio telescope) which they use to slowly heat up the planet Azur to, of course, kill everyone on that planet (the reasons for this uncool deed remain unclear). The Azurians do not approve. They have tried to destroy the solar weapon many times, but due to a strong Xeroian defense mechanism, all destruction attempts have failed. The temperature is critically high on Azur. This is their last chance to save their planet. Thus the Azurians once again start their engines, fly over to Xero and aim all they’ve got on the crazy ass solar weapon device. Three flying saucers leave for the mission. Only one returns.

Science Fiction in Nickby

Siirrätytin joskus aikanaan (ehkä 5-6 vuotta sitten) vanhoja kaitafilmejäni DVD-muotoon. Katsoin ne silloin läpi ja sen jälkeen ovat jääneet hyllylle makaamaan, mutta nyt päätin käyttää uudenvuodensairastelun siihen, että saan ainakin yhden näistä julki.

Ja näin minulla onkin tässä ilo esitellä eeppinen mykkä tieteisseikkailu Science Fiction in Nickby, vuodelta 1982. Tällä kutkuttavan jännittävällä ja erikoistehostein maustetulla teoksella irtosi kunniakirja valtakunnallisessa nuorison taidetapahtumassa samana vuonna (samalle jengille joista tuli TV:stä tuttuja pari vuotta myöhemmin).

Science Fiction in Nickby from Pekka Nikrus on Vimeo.

Kirjoitin tarinan auki engelskaksi, ihan vaan jos joku ei ehkä oikein saa selvää mitä leffassa tapahtuu.

The plot

For reasons unknown, after a wild chase around our planet a white space ball is shot down from space and crashes into a small village Finland called Nickby. This is horrible deed is done by a black space ball.

Obviously quite frustrated by this, the pilot of the white space ball (a guy in blue) wants revenge and finds, strangely enough, the pilot of the black space ball (a guy in black) in near vicinity of the crash site. A fierce pursuit ensues with lots of running in deep snow, a phone ringing, lasers blazing and a bird shot dead. All this is played out in a quiet rural residential area with severe lighting problems.

Then the guy in blue suddenly sees a chance to overtake the black space ball and flies up to space and docks with the Space Police’s astrocruiser, which conveniently happens to be near Earth at that moment. After telling his story to the chocolate loving space police dude (also a guy in black) the space police offers the blue guy some bananas and beams down to Nickby to arrest the obviously fake space police (the first guy in black).

Again there is lot of struggling in deep snow but not much lasers and finally the bad guy is caught and brought back to the astrocruiser. There the guy in blue recognizes the scumbag who shot him down and the successful police operation is celebrated by eating chocolate. As the villain of the story is treated to chocolate (space police is a nice guy) he notices a self destruction button and pushes it. Everything goes red, the astrocruiser explodes, everybody dies. The end.