HTV part 2: do not blame the nice support lady

After an ever so unpersonal automated answering robot (“if you have problems with your internet connection press 1…”) and ten minutes of waiting, listening to collected works of John Williams (movie themes!?) I finally got through to the HTV support. The final outcome after some six minutes of a very uninformative discussion? They wan’t to send a guy to check the cables. Surprise! But the nice support lady assumed something bigger is going on, since the phones have been ringing a lot all day. Strange flow of information they have within the company, since, according to the nice support lady, the ones informing the customers are the last to know what’s going on. All they can do is assume, guess and go through the standard procedure of telling us, that the problem might be in our end. Doesn’t sound as a very nice job. I really can’t be angry at the poor people working at the other end of the phone line. It’s not their fault that I’m offline, is it? But I’m still pissed off by my dead internet connection.



  1. "Vika on kyllä teidän päässänne", as a support person (who shall remain anonymous) from an ISP once declared.

  2. That’s all they can do. The support persons seem to know nothing about what’s happening…

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