The Playlist (or Party Shuffle) Meme

  1. Open up the music player on your computer.
  2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
  3. Hit the “shuffle” command.
  4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That’s right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It’s time for total musical honesty. Write it up in your blog or journal and link back to at least a couple of the other sites where you saw this.
  5. If you get the same artist twice, you may skip the second (or third, or etc.) occurances. You don’t have to, but since randomness could mean you end up with a list of ten song with five artists, you can if you’d like.

This is my 4,66 permille of the current playlist, with two Pink Floyd and one Roger Waters occurances skipped:

  • Pink Floyd, Bring The Boys Back Home (Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81)
  • Roger Waters, Tide Is Turning (The Wall Live In Berlin)
  • Mike Oldfield, Incantations Parts 3 & 4 (Exposed)
  • Jethro Tull, For A Thousand Mothers (Stand Up)
  • Fleetwood Mac, World Turning (Fleetwood Mac)
  • Spock’s Beard, Snow’s Night Out (Snow)
  • Ayreon, Day Five: Voices (The Human Equation)
  • AC/DC, Danger (Fly On The Wall)
  • Modern Strings, Barber’s Adagio for Strings (Adagio For Strings op.11)
  • The Flower Kings, Man Overboard (Unfold The Future)

Whew! Street cred intact. Nothing of the more embarrasing stuff I have in the music library appeared. Like if A-Ha, Chris Rea or Enya would have… Doh!

(via Butt Ugly, but also pnuk and Elokuvia ja Valokuvia)