Congratulations! You scored 97%!

How you compared
to other people
your age and gender:

You scored
higher than
99% on finnpoints.

You are a true Finn. Or an extremely good guesser. Or very lucky. Going to sauna naked with strangers is nothing to you, you happily even roll in the snow. Long winters are good for developing that depression and drinking. Your probable cause of death is suicide or alcohol.

The Finnish Test written by Eteil on Ok Cupid




  1. Chef Täydellinen Pni Epätäydellisen blogissa. MUAH.

  2. Epätäydellinen Suomalainen. Ehkä menetit pisteitä ruotsinkielisyytesi takia? ;)

  3. Ja just så. Våi ålla, kylle kylle. Mutta micksi Fru p saj bara 94 pråsenttia?

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