Siitä kuvankäsittelystä siis

BBC:n The Editors blogissa on juttua kuvankäsittelystä ja Reutersin kuvankäsittelyhäslingistä.

By definition a photograph is a crop of reality, it’s what the photojournalist feels is important. But it doesn’t equate to the whole truth, and perhaps we just need to accept that.

Phil Coomes, BBC News website’s picture editor

Ihan mielenkiintoista luettavaa.




  1. quote: “It is so strange, as someone who works in digital design (not even specifically on digital photography) that photo has obviously been gone at with a clong tool. Why would a RUETERS photographer think no one would notice that?”

    Answer: It was meant to be noticed.

    Qui Bono – Israel

  2. That’s a theory which indeed has been buzzing around the Reuters image manipulation hulabaloo. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true, but it might as well be time to buy a roll of tin foil for some nice shiny hats.

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