The Gathering at Ankkarock 2007

Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering at Ankkarock 2007)Yesterday at the Ankkarock rockfestival The Gathering played their last gig with Anneke van Giersbergen as their vocalist. A great show, though a bit short maybe.

I have a few pictures to look at from the show in my gallery: The Gathering at Ankkarock 2007. And Anneke’s farewell speech can also be found on the YouTube.

It’ll be interesting to follow what will happen to both Gathering and Anneke now.

Update: More pictures from the Ankkarock gig and the setlist at Elefanttipuhetta.



  1. Ai toi tän jutun yhteydessä? Se on samaa sarjaa kuin tämä., jokunen sitä edeltävä kuva.

    Ankkarokissa oli hyvät valot. Se tekee kuvaamisesta niin paljon helpompaa.

  2. Your pics are AMAZING, incredible beautiful!!!
    Congrats. You capture magical moments. Would it be OK if I use some of them for a home made DVD I’m putting together with the videos I took from that show?

    As soon as I finish it, I will put them on a torrent.
    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful pictures.
    Greets from Mexico

  3. On photo 1 the guy just in front of the red haired firl is me :) but I don’t think I could sue you anyways :) haha

    It was quite a nice gig!

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