Even seven

I’ve got seven’d by Karri. That means it’s time for the first meme of the year: Seven Random Things About You.

  1. I wrote this list roughly over a period of 24 hours. That’s how slow I am in doing lists. It’s all the choosing. It’s not so easy at all.
  2. I have no big plan in my life. I just seem to end up somewhere always, be it then studying photography, travelling or doing internet stuff. Many things seem to circle around the visual side of life though.
  3. I like to whistle. This is probably due to the Roger Whittaker records we had at home when I was a kid. I still remember where (in our car on our way home from my uncle’s place) but not really when I first learned to whistle. I remember it, because I was telling my parents how I can’t whistle and blew some through my lips (as kids do: look I’m trying to, but nothing happens) and to my big surprise a whistling sound was heard.
  4. I hate filling in forms, but I do like designing them.
  5. I love randomness. I consider it to be a hell of a tool, albeit quite hard to use and impossible to master. But once you get used to it, it can be your best friend.
  6. I Am The Sun. Fine With Me. That’s Me Trying. Ain’t Nobody But Me. No One Knows I’m Gone. I’m Going Slightly Mad. Nobody Home. Home From Home. Home By The Sea.
  7. I don’t like memes so much anymore. I think I got overdosed by Vitonen here at skrubu and still suffer from some kind of hangover. Too much of the good stuff made pni a dull guy. Though I still do enjoy an occasional meme every now and then, I refrain from transmitting them onwards.

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