Just a thought

So I was at the movies, enjoying Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, when Steve presented a/the new iPhone. I’ve been reading… or rather, I haven’t been able to avoid reading commentary about this new gadget and now I feel like sharing my thoughts with the internets. Here goes:

iPhone? Look man, no multitasking, nobody will buy crap like that. Look at the tech specs for crying out loud, they said. In 2009 Apple sold nearly 21 million iPhones.

iPad? Who wants crippled crap like that? It’s not even a proper computer for crying out loud, they said. Now Apple sells 35000 of them every day. That’s 2 million in two months.

Video calls? Who cares? I made video calls with my Nokia, yeah take that Apple: NOKIA – from finland you know – three years ago, for crying out loud. Who needs video calls anymore?

We’ll see (accidental pun) how it goes.

(On the skeptical side: the video calls are over WiFi only at the moment and the past is not a predictor of the future.)



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