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This series of benches started out as an observation of the nature of in-camera multiple exposures and the uniformity of everyday objects in my environment. Over the years the project has grown into a exploration of the similarity and variation of benches and their immediate surroundings.

Every image consists of three more or less identical benches. The slight misalignment gives the images both a sense of movement (which happens as I move from bench to bench while composing the photo) as well as a hint of the fact that really are three different benches stacked visually on top of each other.

Shown here is first a collection of images, then ten separate ones.

Benches, 2010–
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_05 Three Red Metal Benches by pni.jpg
Three Red Metal Benches, 2011
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_07 Three Tagged Park Benches by pni.jpg
Three Tagged Park Benches, 2011
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_08 Three Clean Benches by pni.jpg
Three Clean Benches, 2011
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_26 Three White Wooden Benches by pni.jpg
Three White Wooden Benches, 2011
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_29 Three Benches Partly In Wrappings by pni.jpg
Three Benches Partly In Wrappings, 2011
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_31 Three Snowed In Benches by pni.jpg
Three Snowed In Benches, 2012
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_32 Three Simple Dark Benches by pni.jpg
Three Simple Dark Benches, 2012
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_34 Three Benches With Different Armrest Positions by pni.jpg
Three Benches With Different Armrest Positions, 2012
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_35 Three Benches Of Different Colours by pni.jpg
Three Benches Of Different Colours, 2013
https://skrubu.net/pniportfolio/files/gimgs/th-14_40 Three Modern Wooden Benches.jpg
Three Modern Wooden Benches, 2016