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Signs of Studies

I've been going through bookshelves at the University of Helsinki in search for course books that have been in use for a good while.

When I've found books that look suitably scruffy and used, I go through several copies of the same book, looking for pages, in common for all copies, that have collected underlinings, jottings and marker pen highlightings in a visually interesting way.

Then, after photographing this one active page from several copies of the same book, I have removed the printed text and combined the images as one. Usually one image consists of three to five pages.

This way, I get a collection of visible markings in the image. These markings are signs of studies.

Sukupuolieron etiikka, sivu 32
Spehres of Justice, page 21
Runousoppi, sivu 18
Avvikande beteende, sida 43
Kaupunkitalous, sivu 71
Suomen koulutusjärjestelmän kehitys, sivu 51
Familjeförmögenhetsrätt, sida 281