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In 2011 I got interested in the pedestrian signs painted on pavement. In one way they are all alike, but at the same time they are not. To me the different stages of detrition added stories and meanings to the signs, it was like they had stories to tell.

So I documented the pedestrians. The stories they inspired became first sort one-liners serving only as the names of the images. Later I felt like writing more and so I collected some of the images and some longer texts into book form and self-published it on Blurb: Pedestrians, 82 pages.

Later the images inspired me to start a group for pedestrians painted on pavement on Flickr. I also have experimented with the pedestrian sign as a graphic element on shirts and other products on Redbubble.

Shown here is first a collection of images, then ten separate ones.

Pedestrians, 2011–
Ghosts we are, 2011
She loved woodwork but why she had the saw with her that day nobody knows, 2012
There were these uncertainties with our roles which made me quite unsure of who I really was, 2011
They call her angel, 2011
One minute you're here, next minute you're there, 2011
Fidgety kid, 2011
Often there wasn't even a need to remember as I effortlessly just relived it all again and again, 2012
Catwoman remembers, 2011
It's good to be the king (or a punk rocker), 2011
Essence, 2012